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Stargate: Powerless

by islandflower

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. I have written this story for entertainment purposes only and no money whatsoever has exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author(s).

Title: Stargate-Powerless

Archieve: Yes, SJD

Author: Sarah

E-mail: islandflower202@yahoo.com

Pairings: S/J and D/J

Warnings: Character Death, kidnapping.

Spoilers: None

Summary: Jack and Sam thought their life couldn't get any better; they have three wonderful kids. But what happens when the bad guys find out?

Sequal to: Stargate Reloaded

I don't own Stargate Sg-1. Just borrowing the characters for fun! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

A total of eight years have past since Jack O'Neill retired. He still is in charge of the SGC but things have certainly changed. Jack has added a day care in the SGC. So that the babies and toddlers can be with their parents or atleast closer.

(IN JACK'S OFFICE) "Hi there." Jack said as his three year old son woke up. Jack was rocking him for the past hour waiting for his mom to come and get him. "Hey Jon, how's my little baby boy doing?" Jack said in a childish voice as he started to swing the young child. "Daddy!" Jon said with luagher. "Where mommy?" Jon asked changing his attitude. "I dunno, Jon. Let's go find mommy." Jack said as he picked up his son and walked out of his office to find Sam.

(IN SAM'S LAB) "So if we were able to ..." Sam was starting to say as Jack and Jon walked in. "Mommy!" Jon said in an excited tone. "Hi baby." Sam said reaching out for her son. "Mommy play? Mommy play?" Jon said struggleing to get down. "Pwease." Jon said with the same puppy-eyed look his father was giving. "I'm sorry sweetie, mommy has to work. But I promise I'll play with you after I'm finished." Sam stated while giving him a tender kiss on the cheek. "Hey Mrs. O'Neill no kiss for me?" Jack said in a teasing matter. "I'm sorry Jack but I've really got work to do...and you do realize that this is a video recording for the scientist up there." She said giving a quick glance to the glass window with the whole bunch of scientist watching the two love birds. "Eh hem...as I was saying...good luck with...I'm going to go." Jack said as blush appeared on his face. He picked up Jon and walked out.

He walked to the day care on level 12 and dropped of Jon off. "Oh there is my favorite O'Neill baby." Cassie said as Jack handed Jon to her. "Thanks Cassie for working at the SGC your are a huge help." "Yeah, but the main reason I'm here is because I get to see my mom. Well I mean she's hasn't adopted me cause I'm 19 but she sure does love me." Cassie said with a bright smile on her face. "I'm glad." Jack said as he turned around and left. Jon was occupied by all the toys and by the other SG babies there. "Come here you." Cassie said as she picked up Jon and swung him around. His burst of laugher made Bridget wake up. "Oh I'm sorry Bridget." She put Jon down and went over to where Bridget was and picked her up. "Shhh shhh...it's ok." Cassie said trying to rock her back to sleep. Bridget's eyes were just like Daniel's; they were gorgeous. Bridget glanced around the room, (which had a mural of the stargate on one side of the room and on the other side where pictures of baby animals) she was trying to find somthing to do. She was a briliant 5 yr old. She definately took after her dad. She and the rest of the day care kids were either too young to go to school or were home schooled by a private tutor or by their parents. Sam and Jack hired a private tutor for their eight year old daughters. Daniel and Janet did too. "Jon." Bridget said with excitment. "Bwiget!" The little boy said happily. "Come here. Jon I have a new toy." Bridget said with utmost excitment. The two of them were best friends even at such a young age. They would play for hours.

"Jack do you want me to go get the girls or do you want to go get them?" Sam asked as she walked in his office. "Nah I'll do you the favor and pick them up for you. But as long as you do me a favor and give me that kiss I wanted earlier. They were about to kiss when Cassie swung open his office door. "Sam...Jon's not breathing... I already took him to my mom. And she is already taking care of him." Cassie stated as Sam flew out of Jack's embrace and ran to the infirmary.

The elevator was being used on so Sam ran up 7 flights of stairs to get there. "Janet where's Jon?" Sam asked in a frightened voice. "Sam we need to do a brain scan we think there is somthing in his brain that's blocking air circulation." Janet said while taking off her gloves. "How is he now?" Sam asked spontaneously. "He is stablized at the moment, but I think he should stay here in the infirmary for a couple of hours." Janet said trying to encourage her friend. "Can I see him?" Sam asked quietly. "Sure." Janet said walking her over to where Jon was. "Mommy?" The little boy said with fear in his voice. "Shhh, it's ok baby." Sam said trying to calm him down. "Up. Up." "Sorry baby you have to stay there." Sam said trying not to give in to the adorable face and brown hair and brown eyes like his daddy's. "Hey Sam is he ok?" Jack asked as he finally arrived to the infirmary. "Yeah, Janet said that she thinks he might have somthing blocking his air circulation. They are going to do a brain scan once he calms down." Sam said looking at the toddler on child's gurney. "I'll go get Maygen and Natalie. You can stay here and calm him down." Jack said as he gave Sam a quick kiss on the cheek. He walked over to Jon and kissed him on the forehead. "Daddy. Me scarwed." Jon said pulling of his daddy's hands. "I'm sorry I've got to go pick up your sisters." Jack said as he took Jon's hand off his. "Daddy! Pwease stay!" The little boy said frantically. Sam looked at Jack and he just walked away. He knew if he would stay then he would give in to pick him up. As he left the room he heard Sam try to calm him down by softly shushing him.

Jack got in his truck and went to go pick up his daughters from their tutors house. He arrived there in 15 mins. He rang the doorbell and Megan came to the door and ran and hugged him. "Hi daddy!" Megan said as she saw the discomfort in his face. "Daddy, what's wrong?" Megan asked in a serious tone for an eight year old. "Where's Natalie?" Jack asked changing the subject. "She is in the bathroom. She said she would be right out." Megan said as she turned around to the door and walked back in. "Hi daddy!" Natalie came and hugged him. Natalie was like an exact replica of Sam. She had blonde hair(but it was long not short) and sky blue eyes. And Megan was definately Jack's child. She had long brown hair with soft curls, and had green eyes. She had Jack's personality and had his sense of humor. His cell phone rang as they were walking back to his truck. "O"Neill." Jack answered quickly. "Hey Jack, it's me." answered Sam. "Is that Jon?" He asked hearing the sound of a screaming child in the backround. "Yes they are getting him ready for his brain scan, and I was wondering if you could take the girls out for a little while. Just untill Jon's brain scan is done. Because I don't want Megan and Natalie getting upset." Sam said with compassion in her voice. "Ok" Jack asnwered as he opened the door for the girls and made sure they we buckeled. "Alright. I love you. And tell the girls I love them too." Sam said as she was also trying to calm Jon down. "Bye Jack." She hung and Jack did too. He walked to the driver's side of the truck and started to head for a ice cream shop. "So girls, how was school?" Jack asked his daughters. "It was fun daddy. We learned about space and all the different types of galaxies." Natalie said with excitment. "It was fun dad, in the backyard, we built mud pyramids, like the ones on Abydos." Megan stated with excitement. "Well I heard that you two had an math test today. How did you girls do?" He asked with a smile. "I got a 99." Natalie said smiling from ear to ear. "What did you get Megan?" Jack asked cautiously. "Daddy I'm not good in the whole math thing. I got a 83. But I tried my hardest. Really I did." She said sounding just like Jack. "Well I'm proud that you tried your best, and I proud that you got a 99." Jack said agreeing that she was a Sam jr. They were going to go to a small ice cream shop just outside of town. Jack had noticed that since he had left their tutors house there had been a black SUV following him. He glanced at his daughters in the rear view mirror who were conversing with themselves. He made the sharp right turn on to a desserted road. He tried not to scare the girls, but they didn't notice. The SUV made the turn but much slower. He knew he was being followed for sure. "Hold on girls." Jack said as he stepped on the gas speeding past the many small shrubs. "Daddy? Why are we going so fast?" Natalie asked in a concerned tone. "I'm just taking a short cut. Make sure your seat belts are on tight." Jack said as he made another sudden turn. The road ended to a lake. "Daddy...I think we're being followed." Natalie stated glancing back at the strange SUV. "No duh, Natalie, you just now figured that out?" Megan answered sarcastically. Jack had not choice but to try to turn the truck aound and get out of this dead end. The black SUV turned infront of Jack's truck and blocked him from getting around. About 5 people jumped about of the SUV they were a wearing black, the had black masks. "Stay away from the windows!" Jack yelled to the girls. "Daddy!" Megan yelled as they tried to open the door. "Natalie, Megan come here." Jack yelled to them. They unbuckled and crawled up to the front of the truck. Jack held on to his daughters tightly. One of the people bashed the back window open. Natalie screamed loudly and Jack told Megan to open the glove department and grab the gun. She grabbed it and handed it to him. It was a 9 mil. He had no choice but to shoot the man. Another window was bashed open. The side the girls were on. Jack shot the the man in the arm but he unlocked the door and another man came and pulled Megan and Natalie out of the car. They were both kicking and screaming. "Daddy!!! Help Me!!" They both yelled. Jack ran out the door. And shot the gun at his arm but the gun was out of bullets. Another man pulled out a zat gun and shot Jack. "No daddy!!!" Megan yelled as she saw him get shot. He tried to run after them but couldn't because of the pain. He fell to the ground and passed out. The SUV drove off with his daughters.


"Oh...head ache." Jack said as he stood up. He saw broken glass everywhere and remembered what happened ealier. He pulled out his cell phone and called Teal'c. "Teal'c." A deep voice answered. "Hey T. I need a favor...my girls were just kidnapped...I need to get them back." Jack said in a scared tone on voice. "O'Neill I will meet you in your office." Teal'c said as he hung up the phone. Jack walked to his truck which had two broken windows and drove back to the SGC. He was furious. The whole way there he was thinking of who would have done this. "Mayborne? No. He know's I'd shoot him...Kinsey...NID." Jack new it must had been the NID but he didn't know why they would want his daughters. "All that I know is if they hurt them....I know I can find a sutiable planet for all of them to live on. Perhaps they should visit ol' Baal." Jack said with an evil smirk. He arrived at the base in a matter of minutes. "Teal'c is Daniel off world?" Jack asked as he walked into his office. "No he is not O'Neill, he is with Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Fraiser in the infirmary." Teal'c asnwered him back as he closed the door. "What exactly occured when your daughters were taken?" Teal'c asked while raising one eyebrow. Jack thought for a moment remembering the awful tragedy. "I think it was the NID, there was about 5 of them and they were all wearing black, everywhere. The were in a SUV and I think I have one of the guys blood on my truck so Fraiser can do a DNA test." Jack said with anticipation that they would be caught. "Would you like for me to access the blood and give it to Dr. Fraiser?" Teal'c asked in a concerned tone. "Sure T. Thanks." Jack said as he walked to the Infirmary.

"Hi Jack." Sam said as she walked over to him. "Hey." He said deeply. "Jack where are Megan and Natalie?" Sam asked getting slightly worried. "Don't get upset but, they were kidnapped." Jack said as he saw her look change. "Oh..Jack what happened?" Sam asked as she started to cry. He answered her and told her all that happened. By the time he had finished they both were in tears. "Jack we have to go find them...I can't loose them." Sam stated as she held Jack's hand. "How's Jon?" Jack asked changing the subject. "He's fine. We'll get the test results in a couple of hours." Sam said walking over to the sleeping child. Jack walked over to Jon and stated to stroke his face. Jon woke up and saw the two of them stading there. "Mommy, Daddy!" The little boy said delighted to see them. "Up daddy? Up? Pick up?" Jon said with his well know puppy eyes. "Hey doc, can we pick him up now?" Jack asked joining his son in the same look. Janet was about to protest when she remebered what he had just said had happened to his daughters, it was the least she could do to help them. "Ok but no too long." Janet said with a smile. Moments later Teal'c walked in with the bottle with the blood sample. "Dr. Fraiser here is a blood sample that was on O'Neill's vehicle." Teal'c said holding the bottle out to Janet. "Ok I'll do the analysis on the blood so you we can track down the suspects." Janet said with a reassuring smile. "Hey Jack don't get me wrong, but what do you think the NID would want with your kids?" Daniel asked gravely. "Daniel I have no clue what they are doing, but I want my babies back!" Sam said viciously. "Sam it's gonna be ok well get them back safe." Jack said as he hugged Sam. "I got it! His name is Scott Mcdain. He worked for area 51, in the alien technology department. He was dishonered his military rank and now works with the NID." Janet said reading the computer screen. "I knew it, I'm going to kill ..." "O'Neill should we depart immediatly?" Teal'c asked anxiously. "Yeah, doc, do we have a location of the NID?" Jack asked while standing up out of the chair. "Yes Scott has been seen being escorted to an abandoned theature set. That's probably the NID headquarters." Janet said as she handed Jack the directions. They started to leave then Sam ran up to Jack. "Jack, please bring them home." She said with a look of despair on her face. "I will...but I want you to go home with Jon...and stay there till I get back." Jack said as he turned around and left. "I love you." She said in a whisper.

(2 HOURS LATER) "Bye Janet. I'll see you tomarrow." Sam said as she was walking down the hallway passing Janet's office. "Hey Sam, do you want me to keep you company for a while?" She asked generously. "If you want to. I wouldn't mind the company." Sam said with a smile. "Alright I'll be done in just a minute." She said as she was finishing some last minute jobs. "Hey you and Jon go ahead...I'll meet you at your house." "Ok see ya in a few." Sam said as she picked Jon up and walked to the elevator and left. Janet walked to the daycare where Cassie was and picked up Bridget, Benjamin was at camp this week so she only had one child to look after. Janet changed into more comfortable clothes and drove to Sam and Jack's house. Janet knocked softly on the door hoping that if Jon was sleeping she wouldn't wake him up. Sam walked to the door and opened it. "Hey Janet." She said as she led Janet to the couch. "So where's Jon?" Janet asked as she sat on the couch. "He is playing with his toys in his room." Sam said with a smile. "Can I go see him?" She asked as she stood up and looked down the hall. "Sure Janet...but do you mind watching him if I take a shower?" Sam asked while running her hands through her short hair. "Sure Sam, he'll be fine. You go and relax." Janet said as she nugged Sam on the arm. Sam walked into her room and turned on the shower.

"Hi Jon." Janet said as she sat down beside the distracted child. "HI!" Jon said as he handed her a fake phone. "Hello, oh hi Jon's daddy. You want to talk to Jon? Okay here he is." She said playing with him. Bridget walked over to him and handed him the phone. "Here you go." Bridget said politely. "Tankyou." He answered as he took the phone and put it up to his ear. They played for about ten minutes and Bridget said she was hungry. So Janet went to the kitchen to get some snacks for them. Sam was in the shower now for a while listening to some music. She heard a familiar song come on the radio. It was "I'm Already There." She started to sing the song...

He called her on the road From a lonely cold hotel room Just to hear her say I love you one more time But when he heard the sound Of the kids laughing in the background He had to wipe away a tear from his eye A little voice came on the phone Said "Daddy when you coming home" He said the first thing that came to his mind

I'm already there Take a look around I'm the sunshine in your hair I'm the shadow on the ground I'm the whisper in the wind I'm your imaginary friend And I know I'm in your prayers Oh I'm already there

She got back on the phone Said I really miss you darling Don't worry about the kids they'll be alright Wish I was in your arms Lying right there beside you But I know that I'll be in your dreams tonight And I'll gently kiss your lips Touch you with my fingertips So turn out the light and close your eyes

I'm already there Don't make a sound I'm the beat in your heart I'm the moonlight shining down I'm the whisper in the wind And I'll be there until the end Can you feel the love that we share Oh I'm already there

We may be a thousand miles apart But I'll be with you wherever you are

I'm already there Take a look around I'm the sunshine in your hair I'm the shadow on the ground I'm the whisper in the wind And I'll be there until the end Can you feel the love that we share Oh I'm already there Oh I'm already There -Lonestar-

She couldn't help but start to cry. Jack had told Sam, before they were married, that would always be there. He would be there till the end. Sam couln't help but always cry when she heard this song. Suddenly she was distracted by a scream. She turned off the shower quickly threw on some clothes and ran to where Janet and the kids where. "Janet!!" Sam yelled as she saw the doctor unconscious on the hallway floor. "Mommy!" A familar voice screamed out of the other direction. Sam turned her head and saw a man in black grab Jon and Bridget. "Mommy!" Bridget yelled as Sam ran after the man. She grabbed a zat gun that they kept in the hiding. She shot the man and he fell with the two children. Bridget got up and ran to Sam. Another man ran in and shot at Sam. He grabbed Jon and ran out. Sam was hit in her shoulder. She was breathing heavily and struggleing for air."No...Jo..Jon...Jack help...please." She said as she fell to the ground and Bridget was now screaming frantically. Janet slowly opened her eyes, and quickly stood up when she heard her daughter crying. "Bridget!" Janet yelled as she failed to stand. She was shot with a zat gun. She was still feeling the immense pain. But she struggled to get to where she saw Bridget and Sam. "Mommy!!! Auntie Sam is bleeding!" The little girl said in between tears. She called for an ambulance and about 3 mintues later it came and took Sam and Bridget and herself to the nearest hospital.

(BACK WITH SG-1) "Ok, when we go in there follow my lead." Jack said in a whisper. He slightly opened the door to the old theature building. He hand signaled for Daniel to go infront of him and check to see what it was. Daniel's face immediatly changed. He signaled for Teal'c and Jack to follow him. They were hiding in the second story balcony. They looked down and saw people surrounding a huge machine. "Jack it looks like that memory storage device SG-7 recovered from their mission." Daniel said in a quiet whisper. He sat there and a few moments later they saw Megan and Natalie strapped in chairs by the machine. "Let us go! We don't know how it works! We don't even know what it is!" Natalie said squirming in her chair. "Oh we can't do that...and we already know how it works. We need you to help us." One of the men said while bending down to them. Megan kicked the man in the face. "When my daddy finds out, he is going to beat the crap out you!" Megan shouted after she kicked him. "Oh shut up." The man said as he stood up and slapped her in the face. There was about a total of 11 men in the complex. Jack saw what that jerk just did and about shot him right then and there. "Hey, Roden, we need your and Bregman's team to go and set up operation...Get My Kids Back Or Else." Jack said in an agitated but quiet tone. "Yes sir." Major Roden answered back. SG-2 and 14 were there to help SG-1. They got in there positions and waited for Jack to say the word. Suddenly a scream came from Natalie. There was about 3 men holding her down. They put some strange device on her head. She passed out and they said, "She has the same marker in her blood Samantha does but no Ancient knowlegde." Megan was yelling frantically. "NOW!" Jack said over the radios. Instantly SG-2 and 14 surged open the doors and started open fire with the men. Jack and Teal'c and Daniel started to head down stairs to rescue Megan and Natalie.

(HOSPITAL) "Janet?" Sam asked frantically. "Sam it's ok it's going to be ok." Janet told her as she walked over to the hospital bed Sam was lying on. "Where's Jon?" She asked in the same distress tone. "I don't know but I've been trying to contact Jack for the past hour...he hasn't answered his phone." She said hanging her head. "What did I do wrong? I tried to keep them safe...Jack tried...we knew somthing like this would happen, and we still wanted a family. I should have..." Sam said as Janet interrupted her. "Sam! You did all you could. You didn't do anything wrong." Janet said as she hugged her friend."Where's Bridget?" Sam asked whiping the tears from her face. "She's in the children's part of the hospital. They are treating her cut arm." Janet answered as she handed Sam a tissue.

(THEATURE) One of the men started to run out of the room with Megan. "Put me down!" She yelled while beating the man on the back. He ran out to an approching black van. It stopped suddenly and the back doors opened and inside was a man with Jon. "Jon!" Megan yelled as she was now struggling to get free. She was shoved into the back of the van. "Megan!" Jack yelled as the door was about to close. He ran after the van and turned and got his truck and chased the van. He tried to slightly bump the van trying to make it pull over. He followed the van till it got to an empty lot. The van stopped and 2 men jumped out and started running towards Jack. He jumped out of his truck and pulled out a zat. He shot one of the guys and the other shot at Jack but missed. He ran after the guy and chased him until the man stumbled and fell to the ground. Jack jumped on him. He pointed the zat at him. He shot him and ran back to the van. He opened the back of the van and saw Megan holding Jon. "Daddy!" Megan and Jon said in unison. "Come here." Jack said as he held his arms open. They ran into his arms, and Jack spun them around. "Daddy we got to go get Natalie." Megan said while she was crying. "I told Teal'c and Daniel to get her and get her alive." Jack said with a smile. He grabbed the two of them and started to cry with them. He got them in his car and drove back to the theature.

(HOSPITAL) "Hey Sam. I'm going to take you to the Infirmary at the base. I alread have permission. And they are almost finished with Bridget." Janet said to Sam who was still crying. "Okay." Was all she answered. They got a ride to the base and when they got back Dr. Fraiser was called to the Infirmary. She ran into the Infirmary and saw Teal'c holding an unconscious Natalie in his arms. "Teal'c bring her here." She told him not meaning to sound demanding. Natalie had alot of bruises all over her body. She looked beaten. Sam finally ran into the Infirmary. "Natalie!" Sam gasped suddenly. "Colonel O'Neill. She was damaged by the NID. I believe they had a goa'uld memory storage device. I believe they thought that you and O'Neill's children would have the memory of the Ancients knowledge within there memory." Teal'c said confidently. "How do you know that?" Sam asked as she started to cry. "I needed transportaion to get back to the base. So I retrieved a NID personal and I had him under gun point until he told me the reason for these actions. He answered as I drove here. He is now in a holding cell." Teal'c said as Sam gave him a hug. "Thank you Teal'c." She said with a smile.

(THEATURE) "Daniel, where is Teal'c and Natalie?" Jack asked after arriving back to the sight. "Uh he took Natalie back to the base...she was still unconscious." Daniel answered in a breathless tone. "We have killed or captured all 12 of the guys, Sir." Bregman told Jack as he saluted him. Jack saluted him back and thanked him. They all went back to the base. A couple of the members of SG-2 were unjured but not seriously.

(SGC) "Janet, will she be ok?" Sam asked while she stroked Natalie's hand. "I don't know Sam. I think that alien device may have caused her brain damage, and alot of it." She answered honestly. "Do you think the healing device would work?" Sam asked with a sudden change in tone. "I think it's worth a try." Janet said as had hope in her voice now. "Sam!" Jack stated as he walked in holding Jon and Megan followed him. "Jack, Jon, Megan!" Sam stated in with a sigh of relief. "Sam what happened?" Jack said looking at her shoulder. "Well those NID jerks shot me and Janet with a zat, and took Jon. But I'll be okay." She said as she hugged Megan and Jon. Sam told Jack what Teal'c had told her. And she went to go get the healing device. "Okay let's pray this works." She whispered to herself. She placed her hand over Natalie's unconscious body. She started to heal her when she stopped breathing. Sam backed off and Janet tried to get her breathing again. After several attempts; Janet looked up at Sam and said sorry. "Janet...please...help her..." Sam said as she cried in Jack's arms. Janet suggested that Jack take Sam out of the infirmary.


Natalie Joy O'Neill's funeral was two days ago. Sam handled it a little better than what she thought she would. It has been extremely hard on the family especailly Megan. "Megan it's going to be ok." Benjamin Jackson said as he comforted her. "I would have never thought that you would be kidnapped. And I missed all the action." He said making Megan smile. Ben and Megan got along good together, they had always been good friends. Megan had been bought a cell phone and was told to always have it with her.

(JACK'S OFFICE) The phone rang in Jack's office and he answered it. "O'Neill." "Hello Jack." A strange voice answered back. "We know that Jon has the knowledge of the Ancients in his head. And we know that you and Samatha Carter now Samantha O'Neill; were fratinizing...therefore breaking the regulations." The voice said as if he was purposely out to get Jack and Sam. "Who is this?" Jack asked definately in a harsh tone. "Oh Jack don't you remember?" The voice replied in a creepy tone. "Kinsey!" Jack answered firmly. "Oh come on Jack...we're all friends." Senator Kinsey replied. "I swear if you try to hurt my family I'll..." He said in a threatening voice. "Or what Jack? I could bring you up on so many charges right now...you've have to pack up and leave the SGC." He said as he luaghed. "Okay court-martial me...but don't send any of your people near my family or I'll shoot you myself!" Jack snapped back as he hung up the phone. About a half-hour later he got a call from the president about his phone conversation with Senator Kinsey. "Jack you know he's right...you could be brought up on a court martial." The president said after a long sigh. "I know Sir, but we've saved the world plenty of times Sir...I think it's the least you could do to repay us." Jack said with some anticipation in his voice. "You do have a point...but I would have to stay neutral...I can't pick anyone's side." "Sir please... I'll completely retire from the SGC, I'll give up running it please don't invole Sam...she is already having a hard time about loosing our daughter." Jack said with grief. "Jack I would strongly suggest that you would come to Washington and represent the both of you...because Kinsey won't let this oppurtuinty go...we both know that." "But Sir, with all do respect, in a court martial, we would have to have all the jury cleared for the court session." Jack answered with some regard to his excuse "for saving the world". "Jack I'm sorry but your going to have to come up with another excuse...because this is a risk of national security." The President asnwered making his objection. "Yes Sir, I understand." Jack said with a sigh of unhappiness. "Jack you're practically powerless." The President said as he hung up the phone. Jack hung up the phone and sat at his desk thinking of how his life would change...if Kinsey won the case. "I hate that man." Jack said as he curled his hand into a fist. He got up and walked out of his office and went to find somthing to get his mind off of it. "Hey Jack." Daniel said as he passed him in the hall. "How's it going?" Daniel asked again. Daniel just stood there looking at a zoned out man standing there. "Uh did you say somthing?" Jack asked snapping out of his "spaciness." "Hey Jack are you okay?" Daniel asked him sounding concerned. "Yeah just peachy." He said as he walked past him. "Jack what's wrong?" Daniel said as he started to follow him. "Daniel would ya leave me alone? Kinsey wants to court martial me and Sam, for breaking the regulations eight years ago!" Jack said intensely. "Jack are you serious?" Daniel asked astonished. "Jack this is unbelievable. Why would he just now care?" Daniel said still baffeled. "I haven't got a clue, Daniel." Jack said some what angrily. "Jack, have you told Sam yet?" Daniel asked looking while the floor. "No, I'm thinking of how to say tell her. But all I can come up with is...Since I love you so much and proved it before I retired...I'm being court-marshialed for my actions." He said after clearing his throat. "Umm yea you should come up with something better." Daniel said while cracking a smile. "That's funny Daniel. Do you wanna tell Sam?" He said as he changed from a smile to a serious look. "Uhh I think I'm busy so...I'll talk to you later." Daniel said as he gave Jack a quick pat on the shoulder. "I thought so...I hate Kinsey." Jack said as he walked to Sam's lab.

(Sam's Lab) "Hey, Sam...that's not here." Jack said as he walked into her lab. "Well I don't know where she is so I'll leave a note." Jack said as he picked up a piece of paper and noticed that there was already writing on it. He started to read it. "Thanks Cassie, he is so sweet...he is very playful. And I like him alot. Jon likes him too but Megan isn't too fond of him yet. But I'm sure she'll get used to having him around. I just hope Jack doesn't find out. Cause if he knew...well you know. And he's got beautiful eyes. And he has such a handsome name, Jason. Again don't tell Jack. - Sam." "What!" Jack said extremely stunned. "She's...no...could she? Sam wouldn't cheat on me...would she?" Jack asked himself with hurt in his voice. "At that minute Sam walked into her lab and saw Jack holding the peice of paper. "Oh no...uh hey Jack." Sam said nervously. He stormed out of her lab and walked down the corridor. "Jack wait... Jack please stop." Sam said as she ran after him. "Jack wait!" Sam said as she caught up to him and stopped infront of him. "Sam when were you going to tell me? Did you think you could hide it from me?" Jack said in an angry tone. "I thought you would be excited not quite mad." Sam said with a quick smile. "Excited!? Did you think I would just welcome him in...and...and you let our kids know?!" Jack said in a rash tone. "Jack, they were excited. Megan still is getting use to it but...why are you so mad?" She said joining in on his anger. "Sam! How could you do this to our family...how could you do this to me? I would have never thought that you would cheat on me!" Jack said furiously. "Cheat on you?" Sam said now very confused. The airman in the hallway couldn't help but be extremely shocked. The two of them, Jack and Sam, were just yelling in the hallway; infront of everybody. "Yes. I read your note to Cassie about Jason. Remember?" Jack asked sarcastically. "What? Jason is our new dog." Sam said dumbfoundly. "And to think I'm being court-martialed because of us...." "What?!" They both asked at the same time. "Dog?!" "Court-martialed." They both asked each other immediatly. "Cassie gave Jon and Megan a dog...why are we getting court-marshialed?" She asked beginning to sound upset. "Uh Sam people are staring to stare...come to my office and we'll talk." Jack said as made his apologies to the airmen who witnessed that "incident."

(Jack's Office) "Eight years ago, I said screw the regs and "fratinized" with a Colonel Samantha Carter; when I was still in the military. And eight years later, Kinsey wants to Court-Marshial us." Jack explained to Sam while she just kept thinking of more questions. "But why would he just now care?" Sam asked getting more upset as he answered the questions. "Well my guess is that, he knows that some how Jon did have the knowledge of the Ancients and know he doesn't. I think he wanted me to keep that information in his head so we could know how to defeat the goa'uld." Jack said like he was reading his answer out of a book. "How did you think of that?" She asked him sarcastically. "Teal'c gave me the idea." Jack confessed making Sam laugh. "So when is it?" She asked him while finding the floor very interesting. "Well it's in about two weeks. But I have to go to speak for the both of us." Jack said with sarcasism in his voice. "Oh boy...Kinsey must know that you wouldn't be able to tell why you were influenced to do your actions so that must be why he asked you to speak for us. Because you're not much of a linguist." Sam said with a smile. "Yeah I know." He asnwered regretfully. They continued to talk about the court-martial for a while. "Well Jack, I hope everthing will go alright. I'm going to go check on Jon." She said as she stood up to walk out. "Hey wait...about Jason? Why didn't you want me to know?" Jack asked her. "Well Cassie wanted to surprise you and tell you that every child has to have a dog so she gave Jon and Megan, Jason, a beautiful golden retriever." She answered him back with a smile. "Then why doesn't Megan like him?" "Because she was licked by him and he got her a slobbery." Sam said as she laughed. "Oh okay." "Well I'm off to see Jon." Sam said as she walked out.

(Day Care) "Hello Cassie." Sam said as she walked in to see Megan and Jon playing with Bridget and Benjamin. Sam crouched down by the four of them andasked them what they were doing. "Mommy we play with toys!" Jon said as he picked up the truck that he was rolling on the carpet. "Wow, what kind of truck is that Jon?" Sam quizzed the child. "A dump truck mommy! I know that it's easy." The boy said happily. "I hungrwy." He said changing the subject. "What do you want to eat Megan and Jon?" Sam said as she stood up. "I want hamburgers!" Megan said as she stood up. "I want cheeseburgers!" Jon said joining his sister in standing up. "Ok ham and cheeseburgers it is. Do you want anything Cass?" "Sure I think there is a subshop close by. I'll have the turkey meal. Here's seven dollars." Cassie said as she pulled the money out of her wallet. "No it's ok Cass I got it." Sam said handing the money back. "Are you sure?" "Yeah it's on me. I'm going to go ask Janet if she wants to come along...hey how bout you come too. Girls day?" Sam said with ecstasy in her voice. "Sure I'll have to ask Jack to get somone to replace me for a while." Cassie said as she walked to Jack's office.

(Fraiser's Office) Sam walked in and saw a adorable couple kissing passionately. She cleared her throat and walked further into her office. The two of them were still distracted by each other. "Eh hem...umm am I interrupting somthing?" Sam said trying to interrupt to invite Janet to lunch. Janet and Daniel startled broke apart. They both answered at the same time; "Yes." "Well I'm sorry but I was going to invite Janet to come to lunch with me and the kids and Cassie; but I see that your preoccupied at moment." Sam said joking with two of them. "No I think I'll go it would be nice to have a day with just ladies...well and the kids." Janet said with sarcasim. "Hey I'll watch the kids for you...I'm sure Jack and Teal'c wouldn't mind helping me." Daniel said with a devious smile. "Are you sure cause I promised Megan and Jon a burger." Sam said with a smile. "Ok. I'll persuade them to go." Daniel said with utmost confidence.

(Jack's Office) "Hello?" Cassie said as she walked into his office. "Oh hi Cassie. What can I do for ya?" Jack asked pleasently. "I was wondering if you could find someone to watch they daycare for while?" Cassie asked in a begging manner. "Ok I think I can find someone for a while...how about Dr. Fraiser?" "She's going to lunch with us." She said with a charming smile. "Us?" Jack asked confused with her usage of words. "I mean Sam, myself, and my mom." She said with a smile. "Ok alright I'll get one of the Airman to watch the lil buggers." Jack said falling for her wit and charm. "Thankyou Uncle Jack. You're awesome." She said as she walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

(At O'Malleys) Sam, Janet, and Cassie were sitting at a booth in O'Malleys. It was around 12:00 pm so the lunch rush was just beginning. A handsome young man walked up to the table and said his name. "Hello Ladies, my name is Rick and I'll be your server today. Can I start you off with some drinks?" He asked almost too politely. "I'll have a sprite." Cassie said looking at her server. "I'll have a diet coke." Sam said with a quick smile. "I'll have a cup of coffee, please." Janet said sounding too much like Daniel. "Ok Daniel is rubbing off on you mom." Cassie said as she joked with Janet about Daniel and his coffee. "Speaking of Daniel...did I stop something important earlier." Sam said making Janet blush. "Oh you stopped us just in time...I thought I was going to pass out...I needed air!" Janet said with a huge smile on her face. "Mom! You did what?" Cassie said feeling like she was missing somthing. "Oh it's nothing...Sam just walked in on me and Daniel kissing." Janet said trying hard not to blush. "Here you are ladies. A diet coke for the lady in leather, a coffee for the lady in the blue shirt, and a sprite for the pretty young lady." The waiter said giving a quick wink to Cassie. She was blushing immensely. "Oh looks like someones trying to flirt." Sam said joking with Cassie. "Sam! Stop it!" "Come on Cass, are you going to make more lights explode?" Sam teased the girl until Cassie told her to shut up. The rest of the meal the waiter kept his eye on Cassie, and even said her meal was on the house. Sam and Janet tried to persuade her to leave her cell number, but Cassie wouldn't have it.


"Hey Jack." Daniel said as he walked in Jack's office to invite him to help babysit. "Hey Daniel...need somthin?" Jack asked while he glanced up from the report he was writing. "Yeah, I volunterred myself and you and Teal'c to take the kids out for lunch." He said with a sneaky smile. "Gee thanks Danny." Jack asnwered sarcastically. "Great. I'll go get Teal'c." Daniel said as he walked out of his office.

(Teal'c Quarters) "My son, your mother's mother is not well. You must go with her and comfort her. And you must be brave." Teal'c said as he was walking his son to the door. "I will father...I will try." Logan said as he opened the door. "You and your mother have all my love." Teal'c said as his son nodded and walked out. "Goodbye Teal'c I love you." Jackie said as she kissed him on the cheek. "My love is always with you." Teal'c said as he walked her to the door. Jackie walked out and left with Logan. (A few minuets later) Daniel knocked on his door and waited for a respond. Teal'c opened the door. "Hey Teal'c. I was wondering if you want Jack and I are taking Benjamin, Bridget, Megan, and Jon to lunch wanna come?" Daniel asked noticing Teal'cs doleful look on his face. "What wrong Teal'c?" "Daniel Jackson, I will be fine. But at the moment I do not wish to proceed anywhere right now." Teal'c said seeming kind of depressed. "Please Teal'c it would mean alot to the kids." Daniel said persuasively. "If it will please the children, I will accompany you and O'Neill." Teal'c said with a slight smile.

Teal'c and Daniel were on there way back to Jack's office. They ran into Jack in the hallway. He had all the kids with him. "Hey T, Daniel, wanna help?" Jack asked as he was trying to hold Jon from escaping. Daniel and Teal'c lended Jack a hand, they help calm the excited kids. "Daddy where are we going to eat?" Bridget asked as she tugged on Daniel's pants. "I don't know sweetie. Ask Uncle Jack he'll probably know." Daniel said with a charming smile. "Uncle Jack, where are we going to eat?" She asked in an irresistible tone. "Oh where ever you kids wanna go." Jack said falling into the childs sweetness. "Where do you want to eat Benny?" Bridget asked as she faced her brother. "I don't care. How about you Megan?" Benjamin asked as he now faced Megan. "I don't care either." She said as she smiled. "Ok kids we can't wait forever." Jack stated sarcasically. "O'Neill how what about the place you referr to as O'Malleys?" Teal'c said tring to suggest a place. "Yeah...yeah Malleys!" Jon said with excitment. "Is everyone alright with that?" Daniel asked and everyone seemed to agree.

(At O'Malleys) "Oh come on Cass...it would be fun." Sam said trying to pursade her into leaving her number. "Can I get anything else for you ladies?" Rick asked polietly. "Umm I think I'll have a chocolate milkshake, please." Janet said pointing to the picture of her treat on the menu. "Okay. Anything for you?" He said looking at Sam. "No thankyou I'm fine." She said as she pushed her plate away. "And do you want any dessert?" He asked Cassie. "Does he count?" Sam whispered to Janet a little to loudly. Cassie immediatly turned red. She was blushing and so was Rick. "No I don't want you...I mean dessert...thanks anyway." Cassie said as she dared not to look at him. "Okay then. May I have your name?" He asked with a charming smile. "My name is Cassie." She said softly. "Do you come and eat here much?" He asked her. "No. Not really." She said still not looking at him. "Do you think, we could go out sometime?" She instantly shot up her head and looked at him. "Umm I don't think I want to get into a relationship right now." She said trying not to hurt his feelings. Sam and Janet were shocked. They couldn't believe she said no. "But I'm not asking you to date me, I just would like to go to dinner with you." He said in a sad tone. "Uh sorry but no." Cassie said as she stood up to leave. Rick grabbed her arm and again asked her to go out with him. Sam and Janet jumped up in her defense. "I believe she said NO." Janet said as she held back her anger. "Let me go." Cassie said firmly. "No!" He snapped back. Cassie tried to pull away but his grip was too strong. "LET ME GO!" She said as she started to punch his arm. Just then Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, and the kids walked in.

"Mom! Help!" Cassie yelled as Rick started to pull her away from the table. Jack heard the familiar voice and looked towards the back of the restaruant and saw a man pulling Cassie away. "Cassie?" Jack yelled as he started to run back there. "Jack help!" Cassie yelled as Jack ran up there. Rick had a steak knife held up to her throat and Sam and Janet and some other workers were trying to reason with him. "Let her go!" Jack said as he walked up to the scene. "Jack!" Sam cried as she saw him. "It's ok I'll get her." "Don't come any closer!" Rick yelled as he backed up to the emergency exit door. "Jack help!" Cassie yelled with tears streaming down her face. "Cassie!" Daniel yelled as he ran to the back of the restaruant. Teal'c was to keep the kids occupied so they wouldn't see what was happening. Teal'c had suggested that Daniel stay, but he was refusing to leave his older "daughter" there. "Dad! Help me!" Rick opened the emergency door and and backed out. Jack ran outside and grabbed the man. Rick threw Cassie on the ground and Jack tackeled the guy down and started beating him up. Not much later the police arrived and took Rick in custody. "Cassie are you okay?" Jack asked as she pulled him into her arms. "I was so scared." She said in tears. Sam, Janet, and Daniel ran out to her and tried to comfort her. They decided to just let the kids eat on base in the commissary. Even though they were dissapointed, they all agreed.

(Back at the SGC) The whole gang was in the comissary, the were eating burgers. Like Jack, Sam, and Daniel promised. Jack's cell phone rang and he stood up and asnwered it. "O'Neill." He said as he started to walk away from the noise. "Hello again Jack." A voice answered back. "Good to hear from you Sir." Jack said with a smile. "I was talking to the jugde of the court and the jury, and they decided that the Court-Martial would be held in four days...instead of a couple more weeks. The judge wants this thing resolved as soon as possible." The President said to Jack.

"With all do respect Sir, I haven't even told my kids yet." He said as he glanced back at his kids. He saw Jon playing with his food. And he saw Megan enjoy her company. "Well, I am sorry Jack. But that is how it must be for now." He asnwered sadly. "Yes Sir. Will I need my own transportation to Washington D.C?" He asked turning away from sight of his kids.

"Yes this time. I would suggest that you leave maybe a little bit early so you have time to think when you're actually up here." He told Jack suggestively. "Yes Sir. I'll consider. I"ll see you in a few days." Jack said as he waited for the President's goodbye and hung up.

He walked back over to the table but he didn't seem as happy as he was earlier. "Hey Jack what's wrong?" Sam asked as he wrapped her arm around him. "They moved the date of the court martial to Friday." He said in a upset tone. "Jack...but today is already Monday." She said in a cheerless tone. "The President said that I should leave early, so that I could gather my thoughts and not feel rushed." Jack said now getting annoyed. "It's ok...we'll get through this." She said as he kissed him on the cheek.

(Next Day) "Daddy play? Pwease?" Jon asked as Jack was packing his clothes for his trip. He felt slightly better because he found out that General Hammond would help speak for him to. "Daddy has to finish packing. Okay?" He asked the smally child. "Why daddy. Why you leave?" He asked as he started to tear up. "Daddy has to go have a meeting with his comanding officers." He aswered as he sat on his bed and pulled Jon on to his lap. "No daddy, don't leave. pwease don't go!" He said as he hugged him tightly. "Jon if I don't go I will be in big trouble and then I will have to go away for a long time. So can you do me a favor?" Jack asked as he got a nod from the sad child. "I need you to be a brave boy. Can you show me that your a brave boy?" He asked with a smile. Jon puffed up his chest and made a stern face. "That's my boy!" Jack said as he kissed him on the forhead. "I be brave daddy I promise." He said as he hugged him again. Just then Megan walked in with Sam. "Daddy, please don't go!" She said as she ran over there and hugged him. "Megan. You have to be brave like me." Jon said in a serious face, which made everyone laugh. "I guess your right Jon, thanks." Megan said as she thanked her little brother with a hug. "I told Megan why and where you were going. She understands." Sam said as Jack stood up and gave Sam a hug. Jack was leaving today. He was flying to Washington D.C. in three hours. The kids said their last goodbyes and walked out. Jon turned back around and puffed up his chest and made the stern face and Jack saw and cracked a smile. Jon walked out smiling beacuse he made his daddy proud. "Sam I'll call you when I get in the hotel. It's 11:00 (am) now so I should be at the hotel in D.C. around one or two." He said as he noticed a tear slip from her eye. "I promise we'll get through this. General Hammond will be there so I won't be a complete idot infront of everyone." He said making her giggle. "Sam I've always said no giggling...but I've always enjoyed it." He said as she started to cry. "Sam I've been gone longer why are you crying?" He said as he wiped her tears with his finger. "It's just that...if you loose the case...you could go to..." "Sam stay positive. I'll win...I'll fight with every ounce of me to win this case for...us." He said extremely determined. "I know you will." She pulled him closer to her and tenderly kissed him. "I love you Samantha O'Neill." Jack said as saw the smile appear due to him using her full name. "And I love you Jonathon O'Neill." She said emphasizing his full name.

She drove him to the airport and watched as the man she loved leave. They stared at each other for a while and didn't say a word. They knew that they said all that they could. Jack felt as if he could of he could of stayed there forever but the sound of thunder made him think otherwise. It started to rain and he ran inside. He looked out the door and didn't see Sam. She had already left. He made his way to the desk and got in line to buy the tickets. "I'm sorry Sir, but due to the weather this flight can't take off until tomarrow morning." She said profoundly. "Great! Is there any alternate flight I can take?" He asked very annoyed. "I'm sorry Sir, but there is no other flight." She puting on a fake smile. "Great! Just great. Maybe Sam isn't too far and will come back for me." He mumbled to himself. "Excuase me Sir, but your holding up the line." The lady at the desk said with another fake smile. "I'm movin'." He said with sarcasim.

He walked over to a phone booth and called Sam. It rang and rang and rang and she didn't answer. "Crap...Sam answer." He said to himself. He figured to storm had made her loose signal. "Guess I have to get a hotel." He said as he walked back over to the desk. "Can I help...oh it's you again...you need somthing?" She said sounding annoyed. "Oh you know I could stand here for a really long time?" He said with a sarcastic smile. " Sir my apologies...Can I help you?" She said in a scared tone. "That's better. Now I would like to buy the plane tickets for tomarrow. And find me a sutiable hotel for the night please." He said handing her the plane ticket money. "Ok Sir. Can I have your name please?" She asked as she wrote somthing down. "Jack O'Neill. Two l's." He said as he held three fingers. "Two l's?" She asked him very confused. "That is what I said." He smiled and watched her roll her eyes. "Ok Sir I made arrangements for a cab to pick you up and take you to a hotel. And here are your tickets." She said trying to smile. "Thank you. I guess I'll see you tomarrow." He said with a smile. "Oh tomarrow is my day off. Thank God." She said with a real big smile. "Oh okay then." He said as he walked away. The cab came in a matter of minuets. The driver took him to a Comfort Inn, about six minuets away from the airport. He paid the driver and checked into the hotel. After getting into his room he tried calling Sam again. She finally answered, "Colonel O'Neill." She said after answereing the phone. "Hey Sam I'm not on the plane, due to the weather I'm stuck in a hotel for the night." He said sounding very annoyed. "Oh do you want me to come get you?"

"Nah, I'll be fine for tonight." "Okay. I love you Jack." "Sam, I love you too." "Well I better get to bed. I'll call you tomarrow." He said with tenderness in his voice. "Okay. I'll be waiting." She said as she hung up the phone.

(Next Day) Jack gathered all his stuff and left for the airport. He got another cab to take him. He made his way over to the line and soon got on the plane. "Any preferred seat Sir?" The flight attendant asked him. "Somewhere where I can be alone." He replied back. "Okay Sir. Right over here." She led him to the front of the plane. There was only about twelve people on this flight and they all seemed to be on the back of the plane. "Nice. Thank you." He sat down and looked out the window. The plane started to move and over the intercom the pilot asked everyone to buckle up. He did so.

(At the SGC)

"Hey Sam how are you doing?" Janet asked as she walked in her lab. "I'm getting geared up for SG-1's mission. "We are being put back on duty. Finally." She said with relief. "Who said you could go back on duty?" Janet asked kind of surprised. "Well Jack left Major Davis in charge of the base until he gets back...so we're off to Oz." She said with a smile. "Okay then." Janet walked out and went back to the Infirmary.

"Cheveron One engadged." The gate technition said as he kept calling out the cheverons. "Stop dialing." Major Davis orderded as he hung up the phone. "SG-1 please come to the briefing room." Davis said as SG-1 quicklyy obeyed. "I have just found out some news." Davis started to say. "A flight from Denver going to Maryland took off today and had some encounters with bad lightning this morning....the plane crashed....and...I'm sorry Teal'c but your wife and son were on the plane." He said with deep compassion. Teal'c's head shot up and you could see the pain in his eyes. A single tear escaped from his eye. "Oh Teal'c I'm so sorry." Sam said as she embraced her friend in a hug. "As am I." Teal'c answered back. He walked out of the briefing room and went to his quarters. "Wait did you say a flight from Denver to Maryland?" Sam asked suddenly. "Yes Ma'am." He answered a little confused. "Jack!" She yelled as she ran out of the room. "Okay SG-1 is off duty again." Davis said to the only person in the room, Daniel. "Okay I'm going to see why Sam yelled Jack's name." Daniel said as he too hurried out of the room.

Daniel figured that she would be in her quarters so he went there first. "Sam? Sam are you in there?" He asked after he knocked on her door. He heard no response. "Sam if you're in there I'm coming in." Daniel said as he covered his eyes and opened the door. He opened his eyes slightly, and saw an empty room. "Sam, where did you go?" Daniel said as he turned around to leave. He'd figured he would look in her lab. He checked there and she wasn't there. He checked almost every place he had thought of and couldn't find her. He even asked people if they had seen her. No one had seen her, it seemed as if she dissapeared. "Did she leave? Was that why she said Jack's name. Wait...Jack...maybe she's in his quarters." He turned around and bumped into Megan. She fell on the floor. "Oh Megan I'm so sorry I didn't see you there." He helped her stand up as she brushed herself off. "For cryin' out loud Uncle Daniel, watch where ya going!" She said as Daniel only saw a "mini female Jack." "Hey Megan have you seen your mom?" Daniel asked suddenly. "No I was looking for her too...is she ok?" She asked sounding concerned. "I hope so." Daniel mumbled to himself. "What?" "I'm gonna go." He said as he left her confused.

(At Jack's Quarters) Daniel opened the door and saw Sam on the phone. "Yes I'm looking for a Jack O'Neill. He left on a plane from Denver to Maryland. Yes. I'm his wife. That plane crashed...are you sure he was on that plane, was there two flights? Are you sure he bought a ticket for that plane. Ok I'm sorry....if you find his....yes call me back...thankyou." "Oh God please let him be alive." Sam said as she closed her eyes. "Um Sam?" Daniel said making Sam jump. "Daniel how long were you..." "Long enough. Sam come here." Daniel said as he embraced Sam in a friendly hug. "Oh Daniel, please we have to know for sure. I've already tried calling his cell it goes straight to his voice mail. I can't loose him. Daniel please help me." She said as she was hysterically now. "Shhh. Sam it's ok he's not dead. I promise I'll go look for him. We can go now if you want." He said as he kissed her on her forehead. "Thanks Daniel...I'll go wash up real quick." She said as she wiped the tears off her face and she went into the bathroom.

(5 mins later) "Okay Daniel I'm ready." Sam said as she walked out of his quarters with Daniel. They went to the Daycare and said there goodbyes to their kids. Jon was sleeping so Sam whispered that she loved him and kissed him on his cheek. Daniel hugged and kissed his kids goodbye. Janet offered to take care of Sam's kids until she gets back. They offered for Teal'c to come and he agreed to come even though he was sort of depressed.

They drove to the airport and walked up to the desk to ask about Jack. "Umm excuse me have you seen this man?" Sam asked as she held up a picture of him. "Oh yes I've seen HIM. He was umm quite annoying a couple of days ago." The lady at the desk said with the same fake smile she had a few days ago. "Excuse me? That man is my husband, and we think he was on flight 24!" Sam said agrily. "Oh my....I am so sorry. But they are...." She started to say as she was interrupted by Sam's cell phone ringing. "Hello? This is she. You didn't could there be any way....no are you sure?!" She said as she started to cry. "Sam what is it?" Daniel asked anxiously. Right then and there a whole group of reporters came and started asking questions about the plane incident. They started to ask Daniel, Sam, Teal'c, and lots of other people questions. "Come on let's go." Daniel said as he tried to make his way to the door. He ran into a man who having trouble with carrying his bags.

Daniel knocked all the bags out of his hand. Sam ran into Daniel and tripped over him and fell on the man. "Doh' get off me!" The man yelled as Sam jumped off him. He stood up and looked at Sam. "Jack! Your alive! Oh Thank God!" Sam stated extremely happy. "What did you think I was dead?" Jack said very baffeled. "Did you not hear O'Neill? The plane you were supposed to be on and that my family was on, had an accident." Teal'c said sadly. "Oh Teal'c I'm sorry." Jack said with compassion. "I will be fine." Teal'c said with an unbelievable tone in his voice. "Well Teal'c if you need a shoulder to cry on Daniel's right here." Jack said as he patted Daniel on his back. "Yah Teal'c we are all here Daniel said as he grabbed Jack in one arm and Sam in the other. Teal'c managed to smile as he bowed his head.

He asked the President if he could get an alternate means of transportation. The President arranged to have a private jet pick him up. "Jack why didn't you get on that flight?" Sam asked suspiciously. "Well you see the lady at the counter doesn't like me too much and I left me bag with my cell phone and laptop on her desk. I was actually on the plane and I remembered that I left it right when the pilot said buckle up. I was going to get my game boy that's when I realized I left it. So I had to ask politely to get off the plane and get it. I had to bargin for about 15 mins for the counter lady to get me my lost case. I went back and the plane took off that was all I heard." Jack said feeling like he was just going on and on. "Oh so that lady at the counter kind of saved your life?" Daniel asked sound a little too serious. "As annoying as it sounds, I guess so." Jack said confessingly. "Should you not go thank her O'Neill?" Teal'c asked thinking that that would be the polite thing to do. "Umm I don't think so. I appreciate in all but..." "Jack go thank her...because without her being a jerk...I probably wouldn't have you with me right now." Sam said softly. He leaned in to kiss her but she backed up and refused to let him kiss her until he thanked the lady.

"For cryin' out loud!" He walked over to the desk and said with a big smile, "Thank you for not getting my bag when I asked for it, because I could have on that plane. You saved my life! Thanks." He turned around and faced Sam and kissed her. "Umm your welcome." She said happily. A swarm of reporters came up to the lady at the desk and started asking questions. They gathered up his stuff and headed for the door. Teal'c, Daniel, Jack, and Sam made a quick escape and went to where the President told them to wait.

It arrived about 15 mins after they left the airport. Jack gave his thanks to all of them for caring so much. He especially thanked Sam and showed it by yet another kiss. But that never got old for the two of them. He got in the jet and was off to Oz well D.C. but it was all the same to Jack or so he thought. He arrived in a matter of hours. It wasn't long at all. He had just two days until the day of the Court-Marshial. He was getting really frustrated.

(In D.C.) To be fair the President didn't think it would be best for Jack to get a room in the White House so again Jack was Hotel Hunting. "Excuse me driver? Is there a Comfort Inn near?" He asked the limo driver that the President had allowed him to borrow for a day. "Yes there is Mr. O'Neill, would you like me to take you there?" The driver asked so politely. "Yes please." Jack said sounding like the driver, ever so polite. He arrived at the hotel and got a room. He made himself comfortable and called Sam. They talked for a long time. But sleep stopped them from talking the night away. Jack said his goodnights to Jon and Megan and Sam. He hung up the phone.

He called the driver and he left to pick up Jack. It was the big, unwanted day. Jack dressed in his nicest suit since he was retired he was allowed to wear a suit. He was getting more nervous the closer he got. All he could think of was his family, he couldn't bare to see his family go through this. His thoughts were interruted by the driver opening the door and gesturing for him to come out. He thanked the man and got out. He walked into a room. It was huge. He was tempted to make a noise to see if it would echo, but for sake of his reputation...."Wohoo! (wohoo,wohoo) sweet this room echoes." He said with a dainty smile. He was greeted by General Hammond. "Hello Jack." The General said as he shook Jack's hand. "Ah General, I see you lost weight?" Jack asked with a familiar smile. "Yes, Jack. I see your hair has gotten grayer." General Hammond said as he left Jack in shock. "Very funny General." Jack said as he caught up with him.

"This is the room Sirs." An airman escorted them inside another huge room, there was the judges's stand and the jury's seats in the huge court room. General Hammond removed his hat and sat at one of the desks in the front of the room. "All rise. The honourble Judge Robert Stone is now presiding." The baliff said as the judge walked in. "Take your seats. Court is now in session." The Judge said as the court sat down. "This is a Court Marshial for a retired General Jack O'Neill and a Colonel Samantha Carter; for breaking fratinizing regulations." The judge said as he looked at Jack. "Umm actually Sir, it's Colonel Samantha O'Neill." Jack said before Hammond gave him a quick nudge in the arm. Jack turned and looked at him. "What?" "Don't talk until it's your turn." The judge said making Senator Kinsey crack a smile. "And Senator Kinsey, you brought up theses charges, correct?" The judge said as he was looking at a folder. "Yes your honor." Kinsey said making an evil smile. "Ok just one question Senator. Why eight years later!?"

"Well I was just informed. When I read an report that was classified that I was just cleared for." Kinsey said lying through his teeth. "Why does this matter to you...I mean I'm sure if they were going to get in trouble then they would already have gotten in trouble. Yes?" The judge said sarcastically. "Now Mr. O'Neill, I believe that you were in the military when you broke the regulations?"

"Yes Sir." "Were you aware of the regulations?" "Yes Sir." "Then why didn't you resign first or just kept your military reputation?" "Sir, with all do respect, I fought with the regulations for over six years. I had to admitt my feelings once infront of her, and then act like that never happened." "Well you held a position in your military rank...and you did not comply with it." The judge said slightly raising his voice. "Well after falling in love with someone and not being able to show it is hard... I have no regrets." Jack said very sternly. "You may not speak to me in that tone of voice." The judge said getting very agitated with him. "Well I'm sorry SIR!" Jack said as he jumped up out of his seat. "Jack sit down!" General Hammond yelled making Jack obey immediatly. "I'm not going to have a session when your aggervated Mr. O'Neill. I would suggest recess but I think you need longer to cool yourself down." Judge Robert Stone said as he pounded the gavel against his desk.

Jack stormed out of the room and Kinsey followed him out. "Hey Jack, keep it up maybe with that attitude you'll get in trouble without the Court-Martail." Kinsey said with a evil snicker. "You know Kinsey, I am so tempted to beat the crap out of you...but who knows maybe in ten years you'll bring me up on charges." Jack said sarcastically. He left Kinsey in shock and soon General Hammond met up with him to try to cool him down. "Jack I'm trying to bring Kinsey to a compromise...I'm trying to see what he wants in return for dropping this whole ordeal." He said as he tried to comfort him. "Yeah well call me if somthing happens...I'll be at the hotel." Jack said kind of depressed.

(At Hotel) He pulled out his cell phone and started to call Sam. He hung up quickly becaue he didn't want to worry her. But he could use some comfort so he called her again. But again he hung up. That went on for about five minutes. Finally he just decided to call her.

"Hello?" "Hi Sam whatchadoin?" Jack asked pleasently. He tried to hide his discomfort. "What's wrong Jack?" It didn't work to well. She knew there was somthing wrong. "Oh it's nothing...but I can't come home tonight, because the stupid judge went completely wacko in the court room." He said trying to make her laugh. Maybe that would comfort him. "Jack what did you do?" Sam asked as if she knew that it was all his fault. "Hey, why do you assume that I made him agitated?" He asked in a playful tone. "Cause you're always getting in trouble and not staying out of it." She said jokingly. She couldn't hold in her laugh, her loud random snort made Jack join her in the laugh. "Sam why do you seem so relaxed?" He asked knowing that she seemed kind of relaxed for him being away. There was a long awkard silence before she answered. "Because Major Davis relieved SG-1 of duty and he said I could have some down time, so I'm at home with the kids. Megan is already asleep and Jon well he misses you alot." She said trying not to make it such a big deal. She heard a little distrubance in Jon's room. "Daddy! Pwease Daddy! Come home!" Jon yelled as he woke up. "Shhh...it's ok baby." Sam said as she rocked Jon in her lap.

"Sam do you want me to call you later?" Jack asked feeling sorry for the trouble he's causing. "No it's ok. How about you talk to him...maybe that would cheer him up." She said before Jack answered a yes. "Here baby, someone's one the phone for you..." She handed him the phone and he grabbed it and put it up to his ear. "Hello?" The small child asked with precausion. "Hey Jon." He said knowing he put a smile on his face. "Daddy!" Jon squealed making Megan run into the room asking questions frantically. "What...what happened?" Megan asked sounding out of breath. "Nothing, your daddy's on the phone." Sam said with a smile. "Oh I want to talk to him." She said with a smile. "Daddy when you comin' home?" Jon asked with wonder in his voice. "In a few days." He answered back. "I love you Daddy!" He said with sadness in his voice. "Aww thankyou...I love you too." "Come home now?" Jon asked cutely. "I'm sorry Jon...but I'll be home in a couple of days." He said knowing he was about to cry. "Remember Jon be a big boy." He handed the phone to Megan and puffed up his chest and said "Mommy See?" He said trying to hold in the breath he had in his chest. "I see you baby, your a big boy like daddy asked you to be." She said as planted a soft kiss on his forhead. Megan turned Sam's cell phone on speaker phone. "Hi daddy!" Megan said with excitement. "Hi Megan." He answered back. "Daddy when are you coming home?" She asked hoping for a different answer than the ones he gave Jon. "I'm already there." He asnwered back trying to hold back the tears swelling in his eyes. "Where daddy?" She asked happily. "I'm the sunshine in your hair, I'm the shadow on the ground, I'm the whisper in the wind." He said as he heard a small sniffle on the phone.

Sam heard what he said and got back on the phone.

"I miss you Jack." She said with love. "Wish I was in your arms...lying right there beside you." He said wiping the tear from his eye. "Jack...please come home soon." She said as she gently cried. "Sam...I'm already there.Don't make a sound, I'm the beat in your heart,I'm the moonlight shining down I'm the whisper in the wind. And I'll be there til the end can you feel the love that we share oh I'm already there. We may be a thousand miles apart but I'll be with you wherever you are." He said singing (or trying to) to Sam. "Jack?" "Uh huh?" "I know that you'll always be with me... wherever I am." Sam said as she was now crying but not loud enough for Megan and Jon to notice. "I love you Sam." He said devotedly. "I love you too...always have and always will." She answered tenderly.

They continued to talk for a while and then they finally hung up.

(Next Morning) Jack got dressed in another nice suit. And he arrived at the court room again. He had a talk with the judge about his behavoir yesterday and apologized for his actions. They started the session again.

After finishing hearing both sides of the story the judge decided to have a break for recess while the jury made a descision. They came back in the room in a matter of twenty minuets. "Take your seats." The judge said after everybody stood up when he entered. "The jury has made a decision...would the jury speaker please rise and give the final descision?" He asked as the head jury speaker stood up. "We have come to a difficult decision. We find former General Jack O'Neill, suspened to two years in custody of the Colorado County Jail." Senator Kinsey seemed extremely happy. "Unless you have one of your former commanding officers find your actions permittable." Immediatly Kinsey's attitude flared up...he was ticked. "Sir?" Jack asked looking at General Hammond. "Well if I may?" The general asked the judge for the floor. He knodded for him to precede. "I don't believe how he broke the regulations was right; but without him I don't think I would be standing here today. I believe that he deserves to be happy...regardless of the rules...because I think that all he and Colonel Samantha O'Neill has done for our country, I believe we are in debt to them. I say would that letting them be happy is the complete least we could do for them." He said proudly. "Jack O'Neill. I find you innocent and free of charges. You are free to go and live with your family. Sorry for the interruption." The judge said as he specially looked at Senator Kinsey.

They were dismissed and Jack wanted to get home as soon as possible. "Jack...wait..." Kinsey said as he stopped him. "What do you want now?" Jack said now getting annoyed by him. "I can find ways to bring you and the Stargate Program down." He said with a evil smile. "Oh I don't think so...I had a little chat with the President and you have restraining order...so that means if you come within two feet of the SGC or my family...well let's just say I have friends in high places." Jack said as he patted Kinsey on the back and walked away.

He arrived at the SGC in a matter of two hours. Again he took a private jet home. He didn't call Sam because he wanted to surprise her.

(At Jack's House) Jack quietly unlocked the door to his house. He crept through his house and made his way to his and Sam's room. He saw her crying on the bed holding a picture of him and her at their wedding. It was beatiful; the two of them together. He walked back out very quietly and went into his living room. He picked up the phone and called Sam's cell. "Hello?" She answered trying not to sound like she had been crying. "Sam it's me I'm on my way home." He said after sighing for a while. "Oh Jack...are you going to..." She started to say when he interrupted her. "Yes, I'm going to..." He hung up the phone and ran in the room and jumped on the bed and scared her and then kissed her.

Megan and Jon ran in from playing in the guest room and hugged and laughed with him. "Jack don't ever leave again." Sam said as he held her in his arms. "I'm always going to be with you....I promise." He said as he held his family in his arms and thanked God for protecting and allowing him to not have to be Court-Martialed.

The End!

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